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The resort of Pamporovo is set inside the Rhodope Mountain at altitude of 1650 meters above sea level. It is situated at the foot of Peak Snezhanka. The resort is about 220 km. away from Sofia, 85 km. south of Plovdiv, 15 km. north of Smolyan and 10 km. south of Chepelare.

The climate in this area features a mild winter which has more than 100 sunny days. The resort ranks first in sunshine among all ski- resorts in Bulgaria. The average annual temperature is 5.5°С.

There are hundreds of tourists who visit the resort during the summer season because of the beautiful scenery that this area has. However, the largest number of tourists, who are coming to the resort, is during the winter months because the resort is designed primarily for ski- sports. Most of the ski- slopes in the resort start from Peak Snezhanka and their altitude varies between 1926 and 1400 meters. Tourist season begins in December and lasts almost till the end of April.

Snezhanka peak is part of the Hundred national tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. The seal is in hut “Studenets”.